Imagine a form of communication that appeals to a large target group and that will convey a message for an entire year. You don’t think there is such a thing? Of course there is, because with our individual calendars you are in your customers' line of vision all year round. How could you possibly better use your advertising budget? Take advantage of a form of communication with a long-term effect!

WIRO specialities
Our core business involves the designand production of picture calendars with top-grade wire binding. We also specialise in fitting other WIRO products such as brochures and catalogues. Our WIRO wire binding is perfect wherever individual sheets are to be joined together permanently.

Printed products
We don’t just process delivered print sheets, but also print in accordance with the offset printing process standard (ISO 12647-2). And what’s more, we think about the environment at the same time: that is why we use FSC paper and print climate-neutral if desired.